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High School Golf

High School Golf

High School Golf Team Program

The Golf Academy is offering a winter program for young men and women who want to get there golf game in shape of the upcoming season. This specific program will focus on the proper fundamentals for playing competitive golf at the high school level. In this region golf is a spring sport, students are face with inclement, snow cover conditions in the vital practice weeks leading up to tryouts and the regular season. Our indoor center allows the student a great environment to get the much-needed repetitions for hitting balls, with expert instruction from experienced PGA professionals.

The Program includes:

52 X 30 minute golf lessons (one a week)

12 X 9 Hole Playing Lessons (one a month)

Unlimited Practice at both indoor centers.Cost $3000.00                                                                           Jordan Spieth

Weather you are a New, Beginner, or Intermediate golfer. Our Golf Academy has a full practice range to accommodate all your needs.

“Get Golf Ready Program.” This National program designed by the PGA of America helps beginner golfers little experience, the intermediate golfer that wants to break 100, and the advanced golfer looking to break 80.

Pinelands Sports Center Summer Camps teach juniors the game of golf in a fun & safe environment.

Come play golf in our state of the art golf simulator. Not only can see the ball flight in your golf lesson but you now can play 18 holes or beat balls in our indoor driving range.